Live Dealer Casino

The live dealer casino is exactly as it sounds, it is a place where players can enjoy live dealer casino games that are fed to the player through a live video feed. At the 123VegasWin Casino there are over 50 different live dealer casino games that the player can choose from that include baccarat, blackjack and roulette games. Each game is run at a certain time of the day and the player can register in advance to play the game or he can just click on to the live dealer casino in the hope that a game will be available. The live dealer controls the game and talks to the player throughout the game and the player can interact back with the player. In addition, the player can also chat with other players enjoying the same live dealer game through the chat room. Live dealer casino games give the player a true feeling of being part of a casino and are the closest the player will get to a land-based casino online.